Fumigation Alternatives

There are two approaches for treating drywood termite infestations: local or “spot” treatment and fumigation -also known as “tenting”.

If your house has only one or two areas of visible infestation that are accessible for treatment then local treatment may be appropriate. If there are multiple areas where infestation has been noted or infestation is located in areas where access for local treatment is difficult or impossible, then it is time to consider fumigation.

Franz Termite Control offers both fumigation and limited localized injection treatment. We can price both options and advise you on which might be best for your house, but when all is said, you will make the final decision on what you’d like us to do.  In order to advise you as to what is best in your case we would have to perform at least a limited inspection of your home. If you have not had a complete inspection in a few years a full inspection is advised.

Differences Between Fumigation And Local Treatment

The big difference between the two treatments is the completeness of the treatment.

Fumigation is a whole house treatment and will eradicate ALL Drywood termite infestations including hidden infestations and infestations extending into inaccessible areas in the entire house.

Local Treatment will only be effective in the specific area(s) treated and may only control or diminish infestations as opposed to complete eradication. Also, local treatment is only applied to visible and accessible areas of infestation.

Some of the other differences between the two treatments that may affect which treatment you chose are price, work required to prepare for fumigation, and the need to vacate the building for fumigation.

To Summarize:

Local Treatment Advantages:

  • Usually less expensive

  • You don’t need to move out

  • Minimal preparation work required.

Local Treatment Disadvantages:

  • Only effective in the immediate area treated

  • Termites may often show up again in areas adjacent to previous treatment area.

  • Limited warranty (1year / specific area treated only)

Fumigation Advantages:

  • Complete treatment and complete eradication of Drywood termites in the entire structure.

  • No residue left after treatment and longer warranty (3 years / entire structure).

Fumigation Disadvantages:

  • Usually fumigation is more costly.

  • Depending on the structure, there may be significant preparation work needed (food removal trim plants, etc).

  • Structure needs to be vacated.

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