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Since 1971 our family-owned business has provided termite control for homes and businesses in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.
We offer free competitive bid inspections and offer the full range of termite treatment services.
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Signs of Termites

Termite Swarms & Termite Wings

All termites swarm at certain times of the year. Subterranean termites often swarm after it rains and it’s warm outside – usually early Fall or Spring. Drywood termites swarm in August and September, usually during very warm weather.

Swarming is the only time the termites leave the shelter of the wood they are infesting. Evidence of swarming is winged termites flying around or discarded wings – often found at window sills or bright sunny areas in your house.


Termite Swarmers

Discarded Wings

Drywood Termite Droppings / Frass

Granular-sized pellets are common to drywood termites and are one of the most apparent signs of termites in your home. You may find drywood termite dropping at door frames, window sills, hardwood floors, beam ceilings, exterior siding and trim. If it’s wood – they will eat it!

Signs of Termites: Discarded Wings, Termite Droppings & Mud Tunnels.

Signs of Termites: Discarded Wings, Termite Droppings & Mud Tunnels

Signs of Termites: Discarded Wings, Termite Droppings & Mud Tunnels


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We Don’t let Just Anyone Into YOUR Home!

Our team of professional termite experts are the best in their field. Franz assures the
safety of your home and family by doing a thorough background check on every employee in the field.




We offer spot treatments, full house fumigation and green fumigation alternatives.

The termites we most typically exterminate are:

Drywood Termites

Subterranean Termites


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Guarantees Franz Termite Control offers guarantees on all of the work we perform. For specifics about our guarantees and what is
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Before you hire a contractor or handyman make sure that they are properly licensed and fully insured. California requires that
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