Franz Termite Offers FREE Competitive Bids

Why? Because we want your business!

If you have a current quote or report from one of our competitors, take advantage of our “competitive bid inspection”. Using your existing report as a template we will check the areas where damage or infestation was noted and provide you with our findings, recommendations and competitive prices to perform termite treatment or damage repair work that needs to be done. If there are options or alternative methods available we’ll let you know.

Whenever possible we do try to meet or beat the competition’s price but when that is not possible you will be given an explanation as to why. Because we value customer relationships we believe that providing these reports you are able to make the best informed decision about work done on your home.

We’re here to help you understand your termite report and answer all your questions.

Call us today and schedule your “competitive bid-limited inspection” – it’s free – how can you go

Our competitive bid inspection is limited to items and specific areas noted in your existing report for the purpose of providing pricing for the items you are interested in. It is not a full inspection of the property and will not include areas beyond those noted in your existing report.