With Franz you’re choosing the best Termite Inspectors available in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Alameda Counties.
We specialize in the Silicon Valley and Peninsula area.

Franz Termite Control offers a variety of treatment methods based on each homes specific needs, unique qualities or type of construction. Our primary corrective actions following treatment or fumigation include both Rot or Fungus Damage Repair and Crawlspace Moisture Prevention.
Each corrective action may require a different approach, tools and equipment.

Let us help put your home back in order – Franz Termite Control is proud to be a California State Licensed Contractor.

Termite Treatment

Because appropriate termite treatment can vary from home to home and location to location.  It’s important to work with a specialist who is familiar not only with the termite treatment process, but also with the locations unique qualities and characteristics.  We not only ensure your home is termite-free following treatment with a warranty, we also offer maintenance agreements to ensure your future piece of mind.


To ensure all dry wood termites are eliminated in your home, office or structure, you may need a fumigation professional. That’s us! Franz Termite Control uses a process that has been proven effective with a track record of nearly 50 years.  Sometimes fumigation is the best method to employ, however, you don’t always have to fumigate.

Rot or Fungus Damage Repair

While an inspection performed by Franz Termite Control is often referred to as a “Termite Inspection”, this is actually a misnomer. The “official” term for our inspection is a “Wood Destroying Pest and Organisms Inspection” due to the fact that the largest source of damage in wooden structures is rot or fungus based. More wood is destroyed each year due to fungus (rot) decay than by fire, flood and termite damage combined. Franz Termite Control’s trained and licensed inspectors are always on the lookout for more than simply termites.

Crawlspace Moisture Prevention

High humidity can cause moisture to build up in the unseen spaces of your house or building. Moisture buildup will often go unnoticed while its insidious damage establishes a colony. A few serious ramifications to unaddressed crawlspace moisture include:

  • Rot (which weakens the structural integrity of the building)
  • Dust mite colonies

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