Introducing our Home Owner “Peace of Mind” Inspection

This is a termite check-up to keep your house healthy!

A limited general inspection of the key areas of your home:

  • Exterior – Inspect for termites, rot, damage and conditions which can cause termites or damage
  • Attic – Dusty, dry, and hot! Termites love it; people do not.
    We will check your attic if it’s not too heavily insulated.
  • Subarea Crawlspace – Dirty, dark, sometimes damp and muddy and hard to reach. It’s often a starting point for subterranean termites.
    Our inspector will put on his overalls and take a close look.
  • Other Structures – Tool shed, garage, pool house, guesthouse

By having your home regularly inspected, you can identify and remedy any problems before they get out of hand and cause costly damage (and unnecessary aggravation).

Make this inspection part of your regular maintenance.
Keep your house safe from termites!


This inspection is not as comprehensive and detailed as our full inspection and is not valid for real estate transactions.

Make a regular inspection part of your home maintenance routine. Call us today and schedule an inspection – We will apply the inspection fee paid towards any treatment or repair work needed.  Work must be completed prior to February 27, 2015*

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