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Franz Termite Control – Customer References

At Franz Termite Control we always put our customers first. We stand by our work and it shows. To learn more about the quality of service we offer and the quality of our work, read through these customer comments.

They are unsolicited comments from customer e-mails and letters, as well as reviews posted on various consumer rating web sites.

Unsolicited E-Mails And Letters From Customers

Dear Michael,

I am writing to tell you how much we appreciated the thorough and informative inspection of my home yesterday morning. There were any number of elements that impressed me. For one, there was absolutely no question that his appraisal was honest and that he was not trying to jack up the fees. Also, he kept me informed during each phase of the inspection. This helped me to clearly understand the entire process without feeling the least bit overwhelmed. Tim also left no doubt that he was extremely knowledgeable in his field. And finally, his positive personality made him a joy to work with.

As you can appreciate, finding you have termite problems can be a traumatic experience. But Tim’s clear explanations of both problems and solutions left me feeling decidedly in control.

Due to Tim’s high degree of professionalism, I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends and neighbors. For if Tim is reflective of the quality of your workforce, you are indeed in good hands.

Best Regards,
Roger B. –  Redwood City

PS: I am copying G D because he was the individual who recommended your company to me.

I’m most impressed with your team.  I believe no better job could have been done.  I was diligent in selecting Franz, and I feel that the diligence has been rewarded.  Please pass along to your team my highest compliments and appreciation.

Your three men arrived early, 1:45pm and left at 3:45pm.  The garage corner by the back door needed lots of foam.  Total for there and for the rest of the house was 7 cans.  I’ve just gotten my garage belongings back in place. 

I feel much warmer about my house.  Again it belongs to me and not to those who have been eating away the timbers.

I’ll keep a look out for further trouble over the coming months.  Please schedule me for a review early next September.


Oliver G.

Franz Termite Control Ranks Among the Best in the Bay Area!

The San Francisco Chronicle and Bay Area Consumer’s Checkbook recently evaluated termite/pest control firms and found big differences in customer ratings and prices. However, it created a list of the top 14 firms for quality – and Franz Termite Control was on that list.

“It’s an honor to be listed as one of the top firms in the Bay Area, particularly since our family-owned business has been serving San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties since 1971, said Michael Judas, owner of Franz Termite Control.  “We are also Diamond Certified, which means that our customers have verified the quality and service we provide.”

The Chronicle article suggested that the best way to save money is to weigh proposals carefully and avoid unneeded services. “While we specialize in termite control and repair, we firmly believe that regular inspections are among the best ways homeowners can save money, and we make sure that their homes are safe,” Judas added.  “Prevention costs much less than the cure.”

The article further recommended:

  • Take time to get several proposals, especially for termites.
  • If you’re concerned about cost of or exposure to chemicals, ask each firm about alternative treatment strategies.
  • Be wary of long-term contracts. For some pests, a single well-done treatment will do the job. But for termites, consider extending a guarantee for a year or two after treatment. After that, have the firm out every couple of years for an inspection/estimate.
  • Check and compare guarantees.  Make sure you understand who pays for termite damages that occur after treatment, rather than paying only for re-treatment. Find out how often the firm will come to inspect at no extra cost, and what you will be required to do to keep the guarantee in effect.

“We always make sure that our prospective clients get a clear picture up front about what we plan to do, how safe the treatment will be, and how long we anticipate the service should be extended,” Judas said.  “We offer free……..Our guarantee…….And, if that’s not enough, we can rest on our reputation, and now this ranking by the San Francisco Chronicle.”